TKH SECURITY 4651 24V UNii Door Controller module (incl. PSU) in the cabinet

TKH SECURITY 4651 24V UNii Door Controller module (incl. PSU) in the cabinet

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Product Description

UNii access control module including power supply in the cabinet

Equipped with 2 Wiegand reader connections, the maximum cable length between the reader and the door controller module is 100m

Standard inputs (2): digital input (freely programmable) for door position, door open, etc.

Standard outputs (4): 2 relays (no/nc) 28V DC-10A, 2 open collector 200mA

8 Pieces Expanding Inputs, Input Expansion Printing (Item No. 004664)

Expandable outputs with 4 pieces, relay or open collector, using the output expander press (art. no. 004666/004668)

Incoming and outgoing communication line (RS-485)

Number of door controllers for UNii: UNii 32-4, UNii 128-8, UNii 512-16

Door controllers can be used in conjunction with Unii card reader interfaces

Number of tags: determined by Unii verise (32/128/512)

Number of recorded events: determined by the UNii version (32/128/512)

Power: external 10-15VDC with emergency power option

Equipped with acoustic tracking signal

Anti-tamper switch

Including own 24VDC-1A power supply, own power consumption 200mA

Maximum. current to consume: 0.7A

Battery monitoring and charging circuit, recommended lead acid battery 2 pieces 12V-3.2Ah (art. no. 003942)

Metal case 400 x 255 x 135 mm

Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 4651
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