Sales Terms

  1. General Provisions1.1 These general terms of sale govern all sales of Products, as defined below, by MT Distribuzione Srl, with registered office at Via G. Morgagni, 26/A 37135 - Verona, Italy, VAT number 02939180234, email, through the website, in the version published at the time of the Order (as defined below).

    In addition to other definitions contained in these General Terms of Sale, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

    • "Traditional Products" refer to all products and services that may be sold by MT Distribuzione on the Site other than Digital Products and Products with Digital Elements.

    • "Digital Products" refer to digital content and services that may be sold by MT Distribuzione on the Site, including, but not limited to, content provided by MT Distribuzione in digital format, services allowing the creation, transformation, or storage of data in digital format, and software and licenses as a service.

    • "Products with Digital Elements" refer to any product that may be sold by MT Distribuzione on the Site that incorporates or is interconnected with digital content or service.

    • "Products" collectively refer to Traditional Products, Digital Products, and Products with Digital Elements.

    1.2 The offer of Products on the Site is exclusively directed to professionals and legal entities. In consideration of its commercial policy, MT Distribuzione reserves the right not to follow up on orders (as defined below) from entities other than Customers or those not conforming to its commercial policy.

    1.3 MT Distribuzione does not sell Products to individuals under the age of 18. The Customer takes responsibility for any consequences resulting from any untrue information in this regard.

    1.4 MT Distribuzione reserves the right to establish quantity limits for the purchase of certain Products by the same Customer. These limitations will be indicated in specific terms, applicable in addition to these General Terms of Sale ("Special Conditions") listed on the respective Product Pages (as defined below).

    1.5 MT Distribuzione encourages the Customer to carefully read these General Terms of Sale and any Special Conditions listed on the Product Page before making any purchase.

  2. Products and Availability2.1 Essential features and other information regarding the Products, along with their prices and any applicable Special Conditions, are indicated on the Site, on the information pages for each Product ("Product Pages").

    2.2 The catalog of Products published on the Site is updated daily and may differ from that in individual MT Distribuzione stores.

    2.3 The graphical representation of the Products displayed on the Site is indicative and may differ from reality; the Customer should rely on the Product description and characteristics listed on the Product Page.

    2.4 The Products displayed on the Site are all orderable. If not in stock, they will be ordered, and delivery times will depend on the manufacturers.

    2.5 Products added to the cart remain stored for 30 (thirty) days from the last update. After this period, the cart will be automatically emptied. If, during this period, the selected Product becomes unavailable, it will be automatically indicated in the cart.

    2.6 Updates: The Customer is aware that Digital Products and Products with Digital Elements may be updated by their respective manufacturers as expressly provided in the technical documentation, manuals, and any instructions for use of the Digital Product and Products with Digital Elements.

  3. Prices3.1 The selling prices of the Products published on the Product Pages are expressed in Euros and exclude VAT. Delivery charges, as indicated on the Site's dedicated section and in the cart pages, must be added to the Product prices.

    3.2 Prices on the Site may differ from those in MT Distribuzione stores and may vary daily. The Customer is required to update their browser cache to view the updated price on the Product Page.

  4. Order Submission and Contract Conclusion4.1 To submit an order, the Customer must register and/or authenticate on the Site.

    4.2 To submit an order, the Customer must: a) select a Product and click "Add to Cart" to proceed; b) access "My Cart" to view details and prices, verify and correct their data, modify quantities, or delete items; c) select the preferred payment method and accept the General Terms of Sale before confirming the order by clicking "confirm and submit order."

    4.4 Before submitting the order, the Customer can view a summary of the Products, prices, delivery and payment methods, and verify and correct their data.

    4.5 The sales contract is concluded when the Customer submits the order to MT Distribuzione.

    4.6 After submitting an order, the Customer will receive an email summarizing the essential information about the Product, detailed price and applicable taxes, and any delivery costs. The order will be archived and accessible to the Customer at any time within their MT Distribuzione account.

    4.7 MT Distribuzione will send the Customer a third confirmation email once the Product(s) is/are shipped.

  5. Payment Methods and Invoice5.1 The Customer can pay for the Products and any shipping fees using the payment methods indicated on the Site before submitting the order.

    5.2 MT Distribuzione accepts various payment methods, and details can be found on the Payment Methods page.

    5.3 Invoice data must match the billing address entered by the Customer, and changes to the invoice are not allowed after issuance.

  6. Product Delivery and Digital Product Supply6.1 Before placing an order for Traditional Products or Products with Digital Elements, the Customer can view available delivery methods and any associated costs. MT Distribuzione offers specific delivery methods for Traditional Products or Products with Digital Elements, subject to specific conditions, timelines, and costs.

    6.2 MT Distribuzione will proceed with the delivery of Products only after receiving payment from the Customer.

    6.3 Estimated delivery times are indicated on the Site but are indicative and non-binding.

    6.4 For the delivery of certain Traditional Products or Products with Digital Elements to remote locations, an additional cost may be charged, which will be communicated to the Customer.

    6.5 The Customer will receive an email confirming availability for in-store pickup or the dispatch of the Traditional Product or Product with Digital Elements, depending on the selected delivery method.

    6.6 After receiving the confirmation email for the dispatch of the Traditional Product or Product with Digital Elements, canceling or modifying the order may not be possible.

    6.7 Upon delivery or pickup, the Customer must verify the number of packages, the integrity of the packaging, and any damage, immediately reporting any discrepancies in writing to the courier.

    6.8 If the Customer chooses in-store pickup, they will be informed of the pickup period, and the risk of loss or damage to the Traditional Product or Product with Digital Elements transfers to the Customer upon pickup.

    6.9 MT Distribuzione is committed to making Digital Products available or accessible to the Customer. For orders containing only Digital Products, the code or link will be provided promptly after payment. For mixed orders, the code or link will be provided after the delivery of Traditional Products included in the same order.

    6.10. MT Distribution undertakes to make Digital Products available or accessible to the Customer in the following ways: In the case of an Order containing only Digital Products, the corresponding code or link will be provided promptly after the Customer's payment is received; with a specific email. In the case of a mixed Order, consisting of both Digital Products and Traditional Products, the corresponding code or link will be provided upon delivery of the Traditional Products included in the same Order. Subject to the provisions of the following Article 6.11, if MT Distribution fails to provide Digital Products within the specified times, the Customer may request from MT Distribution, through email communication to the addresses indicated in Article 10.2 of this document, that said Products be made available or accessible.

    6.11. Where MT Distribution, after the Customer's purchase of a Digital Product, has communicated in writing to the Customer that it will not provide the Digital Product, the Customer may terminate the corresponding sales contract immediately.

    7. Withdrawal The right of withdrawal is excluded for individuals with a VAT number (sole proprietorships) or, in any case, for businesses in general.

    8. Legal Guarantee – Remedies for Non-Conformity Defects In the event of receiving products not conforming to orders or defective, the customer has the right to restore conformity to the product at no cost through repair or replacement of the product. The customer can exercise this right if the defect occurs within 12 months of the delivery of the goods and reports the defect to MT Distribution within two months of discovery. Subsequently, the customer must proceed to create a case by sending an email to the address info (at), indicating the order number and the code of the defective product, as well as the issue encountered.

    9. Applicable Law and Competent Court 9.1. These General Sales Conditions and, consequently, online sales contracts between MT Distribution and Customers are governed and interpreted according to Italian law. In particular, Legislative Decree no. 70 of April 9, 2003, on electronic commerce, and, if Customers are consumers, Legislative Decree no. 206 of September 6, 2005, and subsequent amendments (Consumer Code), apply. 9.2. Any dispute arising from the interpretation, validity, and/or execution of these General Sales Conditions and the related contracts, if the Customer is a consumer, will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the place of residence or domicile of the Customer.

    10. Complaints and Online Platform for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ODR) 10.1. Notwithstanding what is provided in Article 9 above, with these General Sales Conditions, the Customer is informed that, pursuant to EU Regulation no. 524/2013 and Legislative Decree no. 130 of August 6, 2015, an online platform for the resolution of ODR disputes arising from online purchases of goods has been established by the European Commission.

    11. Changes to General Sales Conditions and Digital Products 11.1 MT Distribution reserves the right to modify the Site and these General Sales Conditions at any time to offer new products or services or to comply with legal or regulatory provisions. The Customer will be subject to the policies and terms of the General Sales Conditions in force at the time of ordering products from MT Distribution, except where any changes are required by applicable law or competent authorities. 11.2 MT Distribution reserves the right to modify a Digital Product during the duration of its sales contract not only to maintain its conformity but also in the event of changes or updates to the features and functionalities of the Digital Product.