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The Reference Point for Home & Building Automation for Installers and Companies for Over 25 Years

MT Distribuzione Srl was founded in Verona in 1996 by the intuition and experience of Tiziano Mantello. Thus, a young and dynamic group was formed, which for over 25 years has enthusiastically embraced the challenges of an increasingly innovative and complex technology. The knowledge gained from experience makes us perfectionists and drives us to seek ever more cutting-edge solutions.

We are able to support you in choosing and solving problems related to Security Systems, Video Surveillance, Home Automation, and KNX-based Home & Building Automation. The passion for what we do is the force that drives our projects and the engine that motivates us in constant improvement.

MT Distribuzione's Formula for Growing Installers and Partner Companies.

Every year, we collaborate with over a thousand self-employed individuals in sectors related to electrical and plumbing installations, system integrations, IT companies, and telecommunications. We have progressively noticed an increase in demand related to home automation systems.
The manufacturers in the industry continue to release new products, which for professionals translates into additional possibilities for device interconnection but also an increasing complexity of the tools themselves. This benefits the end consumer, but often the reference technician, despite making great efforts to stay updated, struggles to keep up with all the industry's innovations. This dynamic, over time, erodes the number of solutions that the professional can offer and slowly, without realizing it, they find themselves becoming outdated or out of the market.

Working side by side with installers for over 25 years, we have tested and experimented with different approaches to solve this widely felt problem. Providing just the product only confuses ideas and generates even more confusion.

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Multichannel Training: The Method to Stay Always Updated

The hectic life that each of us lives every day often does not allow us to take days or whole weeks for training courses. That's why MT Distribuzione has developed a multiplatform training system that, in addition to traditional courses, provides access to training content with just 5 or 10 minutes a day, which can be consumed during free time.

Live Training

  • In-Person Training Courses

    The classic approach to technical updates on products, simulating usage scenarios to make the trainees autonomous, confident, and specialized.

  • Fiera Integralmente

    The top event to immerse yourself in all the industry news, where you can interact directly with manufacturers to understand not only the device functionalities but also future updates and the company's vision of the industry. These events are held every two years and are exclusively reserved for professionals and partner companies.

360° Multichannel Training

MT Distribuzione offers certified training for industry professionals. Video courses are held at MT Distribuzione's headquarters and are classified into 3 categories: MT Lo trovi qui (MT You Find It Here), a format that includes product unboxing, reviews, tips, and case studies. MT Tecnopillole, where you can find practical and technical advice on everything you are looking for as a sector operator.
MT Academy, a format that provides in-depth knowledge on installation and configuration of the most requested products. We also organize on-site courses and one-on-one sessions with customers upon request.

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360° Support: The Beating Heart of a Distributor

Pre- and Post-Sales Technical Support

A team of trained and certified technicians, one for each area of expertise, is available to provide various types of assistance to customers:

  • Phone Technical Support

    for frequent issues and routine administration, offering practical help to quickly resolve obstacles. This translates into more effective interventions for the installer and significant time savings in daily operations.

  • Remote Technical Support

    for specific requests where the technician needs visual feedback to identify and resolve the problem. Analytical eyes on the tool to unravel knots and eliminate any bottlenecks.

  • On-Site Technical Support

    Working side by side with the installer to achieve maximum control and support, usually used for more complex installations where greater planning and analysis are required to maximize resources and tools in order to complete the job.

Front Office Phone Support

For quick management of all issues related to quotes, administration, and logistics. The front office team handles hundreds of requests every day to easily meet your needs.

Sales Support

To have a correct, collaborative, and available consultant who can meet requests with respect to time and cost. Once a dedicated salesperson is assigned, it will be easier to address product-related issues and new solutions.
Send an email to vendite@mtdistribuzione.it to request an appointment.

Direct Consultation with Partners

In cases where a partner needs to manage a particularly complex or large-scale installation, combined support from a technician and a salesperson can be requested. In this case, it will be possible to actively participate in the verification site visit and jointly evaluate the most suitable solution.

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At MT Distribuzione, we believe in the value of collaborative relationships and the importance of building strong partnerships to succeed in the ever-changing world of distribution industry.

Why Choose to Collaborate with MT Distribuzione?

  • Quality Product Range: MT Distribuzione offers a wide range of high-quality products from top industry brands. By collaborating with us, you'll have access to reliable and cutting-edge products that meet your customers' needs.
  • Growth Opportunities: Collaborating with MT Distribuzione provides access to new opportunities for business growth and development. We are committed to working together with our partners to create value and achieve tangible results.
  • Flexibility and Reliability: We are dedicated to being flexible and reliable partners. We are ready to adapt to your needs and provide tailor-made solutions to help you succeed.
  • Join Us as an MT Distribuzione Partner
  • We are always seeking new partnerships and ready to collaborate with you to create a successful future together. Contact us today to learn how to become an MT Distribuzione partner and start your journey towards success'

Our Partners

Based in Kuwait, Technical Services offers cutting-edge customized solutions to enable smart transformation. Focusing on providing solutions for smart home automation, IT services, information, communication, digital, and business solutions, we are committed to ensuring high availability of IT resources and services to institutions during change processes, solving complex problems, impacting workflow, and promoting smart transformation.

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Committed to Quality

MT Distribuzione Srl is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard and provides defined services through the Service Charter.
We are a KNX DEALER, and our technicians are certified KNX Partners. This allows us to operate and offer comprehensive support for all major brands.

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