ELMO TITANIACOMPACT 256-input wired/wireless control panel

ELMO TITANIACOMPACT 256-input wired/wireless control panel

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256-input wired/wireless

control unit is an anti-intrusion control unit designed for installations in postal, banking, commercial or industrial security systems that offers 16 triple-balanced inputs expandable to 256. It integrates perfectly into the field of building automation thanks to the programmable logic method. It is based on the Linux® Embedded operating system with quick start and shutdown and on flexible and expandable hardware that guarantees a continuous evolution of the building-system, always allowing future expansions. The control unit integrates 2 RS485 ULTRABUS serial lines for connecting concentrators, sensors and control units, 1 RS232 serial interface for PC programming or CEI 79-5, 79-6, 79-7 (CEI-ABI) connection, 2 LAN ports for connection to centralization and/or supervision systems. TITANIACOMPACT is certified IMQ-Alarm EN 50131-3:2009 grade 3 environmental class II and EN 50131-6:2008.

Data Sheet
Codice a barre 8000002671255
Codice Produttore TITANIACOMPACT
Brand ELMO
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