91379030 2N Access Commander Box
91379030 2N Access Commander Box

91379030 2N Access Commander Box

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2N® Access Commander Box is a fully plug and play solution, ideally suited to SMB installations. The software is pre-installed on a mini-pc with ample resources to accommodate up to 2000 devices. You don’t need to arrange separate server host hardware or access to an existing server for installation.

  • Plug and play deployment
  • No server needed
  • Designed for SMB installations

Its compact form factor means it can be easily handled and installed in environments where space is limited. With simple configuration via a web browser, it’s never been easier to have the access control platform up and running in just a few moments. 2N® Access Commander Box ships with the basic license for up to 5 devices, so admins can start using it for smaller installations right away. Where it is to be used for larger installations, it fully supports any of the paid license levels. Just order the appropriate license and load it via the web browser.

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Codice Produttore 91379030
Brand 2N
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