91378601WH 2N Indoor View- White

91378601WH 2N Indoor View- White

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The main feature of the 2N® Indoor View indoor station is a 7″ touchscreen with a wide viewing angle. The tempered glass surface and stylish design are the perfect choice for any luxury residential project. To install the device, all you need is a UTP cable and an installation box for flush or surface mounting. Our custom operating system is your guarantee of reliable operation and simple configuration.

  • 7″ HD touchscreen
  • Lightning fast touch response
  • Stylish design

Features & Benefits

  • 7″ HD TOUCHSCREEN Your customer will appreciate how easy it is to operate the unit on the large display. The home screen even provides the current weather forecast.
  • FULL SCREEN VIDEO CALLS We've enlarged the video call preview. This means residents can even read a courier’s name tag with ease. Wide screen calls will be compatible only with some 2N intercoms.
  • STYLISH DESIGN A luxury penthouse deserves a great looking unit. Offer the 2N® Indoor View to ensure you win your project.
  • RESIDENTS’ PRIVACY IN SAFE HANDS The 2N® Indoor View runs on our very own operating system. We’ve made sure that no one can listen in or record residents’ conversations.
  • VIDEO SURVEILLANCE The resident can see what is going on in places where no intercom has been installed, and there is only an IP camera (e.g., a hallway, yard or garage).
  • SMART HOME INTEGRATION The resident can turn on the air-conditioning, lighting or call the lift directly from the display on their unit. The unit can send up to 3 different HTTP commands.
  • FIRST CONFIGURATION FROM YOUR OFFICE Save time and money. You can set up all the units in a project remotely without the need to travel to the installation site.
  • PRODUCED AND DEVELOPED IN EUROPE We pride ourselves on the premium materials used in manufacturing. Your customers will be pleased with the quality and will be happy to come back in the future.
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Codice Produttore 91378601WH
Brand 2N
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