9159054 2N Induction Loop for general purpose

9159054 2N Induction Loop for general purpose

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2N® Induction Loop wirelessly transmits sound from the 2N IP intercom to the affected person’s hearing aid. A hearing impaired visitor to the building thus gets the benefit of voice communication. By installing the induction loop at the door you meet not only the necessary standards, but facilitate the hearing aid wearer’s communication e.g. with the reception desk.

  • Audio transmission to hearing aids
  • Simple connection to the 2N IP intercom
  • Built-in antenna

Features & Benefits

  • AUDIO TRANSMISSION TO HEARING AIDS Communicate with hearing impaired persons. The induction loop transmits sound to all standard hearing aids in accordance with the IEC 60118-4 standard.
  • SIMPLE CONNECTION TO THE 2N IP INTERCOM Connect any 2N IP intercom to the induction loop. Thanks to the special-purpose connector, you won’t have to configure anything.
  • BUILT-IN ANTENNA The induction loop has a built-in antenna, which covers the area in front of it with a signal for listening devices.
  • SUITABLE FOR OUTDOOR USE With its IP65 standard compliance, the inductive loop is weather-resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use.
  • STANDBY MODE When there is no audio signal the inductive loop automatically switches to energy-saving mode.
  • EASY FITTING The 2N® Induction Loop easily mounts to the wall with 2 screws. You then connect one cable to the signal source and the other to the power feed.
  • ARBITRARY AUDIO INPUT With the induction loop, you can make use of any signal source, e.g.. IP intercoms, lift communicators, etc.
  • ADJUSTABLE VOLUME The induction loop output volume level can be adjusted to suit where you install it.
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 9159054
Brand 2N
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