9137160KDU 2N IP Vario 3x2 button + keypad + display

9137160KDU 2N IP Vario 3x2 button + keypad + display

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Helios IP model 9137160KDU is an IP intercom system based on SIP standards, which combines professional design and reliability.

It is possible to use the Helios IP with an IP telephone switchboard based on the SIP standard, so as to integrate your own IP-PBX with the intercom and door opener system.

In this configuration the Helios IP has 6 keys and a numeric keypad for dialing the numbers to be called via the interphone. It also has a large information display and integrates the Professional license to ensure maximum functionality.


  • CompatibleSIP protocol
  • Direct calls over SIP or via Proxy
  • Power supply via PoE
  • Configuration via Web Interface
  • Door opener functionality
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 9137160KDU
Brand 2N
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