9152201-E 2N Safety - 1 button
9152201-E 2N Safety - 1 button

9152201-E 2N Safety - 1 button

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2N® Analog Safety is a compact emergency intercom; Resistant to extreme temperatures, dust, mechanical damage and vandalism. In combination with 2N GSM gateways can be used even where there is no telephone infrastructure. The unmissable orange colour and blue backlit button will ensure that it can be easily located whenever necessary, and help summoned simply at the press of a button.

  • Highly damage resistant
  • Visible in all circumstances
  • Easy PBX integration

Features & Benefits

  • HIGHLY DAMAGE RESISTANT You will appreciate its high resistance to dust, water and vandalism, as evidenced by the high protection ratings, IP65 and IK10.
  • VISIBLE IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES You can rely on the distinctive orange colouring and blue button backlighting. You’ll locate it easily even in poor visibility.
  • EASY PBX INTEGRATION Thanks to ‘plug & play’ installation, the intercom system is easily connected to an analogue PBX and immediately ready for use.
  • USABLE IN EXTREME CONDITIONS You will appreciate this intercom especially in places with reduced visibility and in evacuation areas where there is a need to summon help quickly.
  • INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER Achieve reliable communication even in noisier places thanks to the amplifier.
  • BACKLIT BUTTON The blue backlit button ensures that it is always easy to find and to summon help whenever needed.
  • POWER OVER THE PHONE LINE In normal operation, all you need for a connection is the phone line, which the analogue intercom gets its power from.
  • DAY/NIGHT MODE Configure the set of day and night numbers to call. Don’t rummage in your pockets for numbers, press the keypad and get help immediately.
  • MAKE THE CALL NO MATTER WHAT If the call does not get picked up, it is put through to the next pre-set phone number. You can pre-set up to 6 phone numbers under the one button.
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 9152201-E
Brand 2N
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