9153202-E 2N UNI - 2 button
9153202-E 2N UNI - 2 button

9153202-E 2N UNI - 2 button

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2N® Analog Uni is a modern intercom designed for voice transmission and control of the door using an analogue phone line. An ideal solution for outdoor and indoor settings, whether it be the entrance to the family home, to offices or public institutions. Easily integrates into the company’s existing phone system.

  • Integrated protective switch
  • Remote management
  • asy PBX integration

Features & Benefits

  • INTEGRATED PROTECTIVE SWITCH The Analogue intercom is fitted with a protective switch that detects unauthorized device intrusions.
  • REMOTE MANAGEMENT Set up all the necessary functions of 2N® Analog Uni remotely from your phone by means of a well-organized voice menu.
  • EASY PBX INTEGRATION Thanks to ‘plug & play’ installation, the intercom system is easily connected to an analogue PBX and immediately ready for use.
  • BACKLIT BUTTONS When using an external power adapter, the intercom buttons can be backlit.
  • INTEGRATED PROTECTIVE RELAY Prevent unauthorized intrusion. The protective relay prevents lock tampering.
  • INTEGRATED SWITCH RELAY 2N® Analog Uni has integrated relays that allow you to control e.g. the door lock.
  • DAY/NIGHT MODE Configure the set of day and night numbers to call. Don’t rummage in your pockets for numbers, press the keypad and get help immediately.
  • POWER OVER THE PHONE LINE In normal operation, all you need for a connection is the phone line, which the analogue intercom gets its power from.
  • SAVE ON INSTALLATION Thanks to the recessed case that comes with the package you save money on an installation pack.
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 9153202-E
Brand 2N
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