9135160E 2N Vario 3 x double button

9135160E 2N Vario 3 x double button

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The 2N® Analog Vario is an analogue door intercom with a timeless design and functions supporting voice and video transmission. Its various options allow you to build the door system to fit your needs. The intercom can be equipped with a camera, card reader or attendance system.

  • Variant solutions
  • Remote management
  • Easy extension of the PBX

Features & Benefits

  • VARIANT SOLUTIONS Adjust the size, controls and functions of the intercom exactly to match your own ideas.
  • REMOTE MANAGEMENT Set up all the necessary functions of 2N® Analog Vario remotely from your phone by means of a well-organized voice menu.
  • EASY EXTENSION OF THE PBX Thanks to ‘plug & play’ installation, the intercom system is easily connected to an analogue PBX and immediately ready for use.
  • ANALOGUE CAMERA SUPPORT The analogue camera will show you who you are communicating with over the intercom.
  • EXPANSION MODULES For housing complexes with many separate apartments you can take advantage of the intercom extension module that offers up to 54 direct selection buttons.
  • DAY/NIGHT MODE Configure the set of day and night numbers to call. Don’t rummage in your pockets for numbers, press the keypad and get help immediately.
  • INTEGRATED SWITCH RELAY 2N® Analog Vario has an integrated relay that allows you to control e.g. the door lock using a numerical code or remotely using DTMF.
  • POWER OVER THE PHONE LINE In normal operation, all you need for a connection is the phone line, which the analogue intercom gets its power from.
  • ENHANCED SECURITY FEATURES Use e.g. an auxiliary relay serving the function of a departure button for greater entrance door security.
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 9135160E
Brand 2N
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