GIBIDI EBPF31.00 EB-M operator with spring for hinged doors

GIBIDI EBPF31.00 EB-M operator with spring for hinged doors

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EB-M operator with spring for hinged doors
Operator for hinged

doors designed to simplify installation and programming tasks as much as possible

ENTRA EB is equipped with innovative mechanical solutions that guarantee intensive use and a long operating life.

The innovative heart of the operator is represented by the transmission, consisting of the gearmotor tested with excellent quality results in other applications, combined with a single reduction stage made of a roller chain with sealed lubrication (self-lubricating).

This solution has a long lifespan and no maintenance. The system is completed by a mechanical energy accumulator made with a special and innovative tested belt spring

Special precautions during the design phase of the electronic control unit and the switching power supply allow reduced energy consumption when night mode is activated.

Among the features of ENTRA EB we find the possibility of managing different types of electric locks with different supply values, the high-strength harmonic steel spring with a lifespan of more than one million complete opening/closing cycles. Set-up and operation directly on the control panel, the PUSH & GO and Interlock function and the standard on-board switches, ON/OFF and 3-logic selector

Power supply: 230 V Ac - 50/60 Hz
Nominal power: 85 W
Accessory power supply: 12/24V DC
Operating temperature: -10°C + 55° C Degree of
protection: IP40 Height: 95 Width:
587 Depth:
120 Max. leaf width:
1400 Max. opening angle:
110° Spring preload:
EN3-EN6 Low Energy
YES Push & Go: ADJUSTABLE Windproof:
YES Speed programming: YES
Operator weight: 9 Kg
Certification: EN16005
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore EBPF31.00
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