GIBIDI ES100PF20.34 ES100 automation for a silver anodized door

GIBIDI ES100PF20.34 ES100 automation for a silver anodized door

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ES100 automation for a silver anodized door

Automatic beam
length (mm): 4400
Useful passage light (mm): 2100

The new ENTRA ES series sliding door operator, suitable for any type of installation, even the heaviest, stands out for its modularity and mechanical and electronic characteristics that make it flexible, functional, compact, simple to install and equipped with the most technologically advanced solutions available
on the market.

Available in the ES100 models (140 Kg with one door and 100+100 Kg with two doors), and ES140 with a capacity of 160 Kg with a single door and 140+140 Kg if with two doors), both in compliance with EN 16005.

Built with an aluminum structure, with a removable lid and a practical attachment and release device to keep the lid open during maintenance and cleaning.

The trolley is made of steel with a double self-lubricating wheel, with a larger diameter and adjustable in height, making ENTA robust and silent automation.

The 150W gearmotor for ES100 and 180W for ES140 works together with a high resolution encoder.

The electronic control unit, with integrated switching power supply, guarantees greater energy savings, lower weight, reduced dimensions and greater accelerations.

Double microprocessor technology protected by a double self-extinguishing plastic shell and simplified programming thanks to the self-learning of the operating parameters.

The adjustments of all parameters can be set directly on the board via a display with special selection buttons. You can also connect logic selectors wirelessly

ENTER is truly the most “creative” solution for your pedestrian entrance.

Number of doors: 1
Power supply: 230 Vac - 50/60 Hz
Nominal power: 150 W
Degree of protection: IP20
Accessory power supply: 15V DC - 12 W Max
buffer batteries (optional): 24 V 1.2 Ah
Max. opening speed: 70 cm/s Max. closing speed:
70% of opening speed Max door weight:
140 Kg Operating temperature:
-10°C ÷ +55°C
: YES Operator weight:
11 Kg/m Compliance: EN 16005
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore ES100PF20.34
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