FLIR 427-1065-21-00 FB-349 ID 6.8MM, 25/30HZ thermal camera, EU

FLIR 427-1065-21-00 FB-349 ID 6.8MM, 25/30HZ thermal camera, EU

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FB-349 ID 6.8MM, 25/30HZ, EU FLIR FB-349-ID thermal camera

combines the best thermal image details and integrated high-performance video analysis in a single, affordable bullet-like form factor, ideal for detecting perimeter intrusions. The FB-349-ID camera is equipped with integrated video analysis capable of classifying human or vehicle intrusions, making it the ideal choice for monitoring commercial and industrial perimeters. Easy to set up, FB Series ID cameras provide reliable detection and classification with very few false alarm rates without human intervention. Equipped with award-winning FLIR thermal technology, the FB-349-ID is designed to withstand harsh environments or adverse weather conditions

and can operate in complete darkness.


  • 320 x 240
  • uncooled VOx microbolometer
  • 6.8 mm lens Field of
  • view 49° pixel pitch
  • 17μm
  • IP and analog
  • NTSC
  • video
: 30 Hz | PAL: 25 Hz frame rate
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 427-1065-21-00
Brand FLIR
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