61001-1102 FLIR A310 pt (30Hz) 15 degree PAL thermal camera

61001-1102 FLIR A310 pt (30Hz) 15 degree PAL thermal camera

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FLIR A310 pt (30Hz) 15 degrees PAL

thermal camera 320 X 240 outdoor network camera with 30.38 mm lens, PAL. Security professionals around the world use FLIR thermography to protect perimeters and critical assets, while facility operations personnel use the same technology to collect non-contact temperature measurements and condition monitoring data. The FLIR Triton A310 PT series combines thermal and visible light imaging to offer both advanced perimeter security and automated security monitoring. Thermography reliably detects body heat and continuous temperature measurements, while the visible camera offers additional visual verification and long-range



Dual thermal and visible payloads with analysis provide best-in-class intrusion detection.

The 320 X 240 thermal resolution and multiple lens options quickly detect objects of interest. The
36x continuous optical zoom with visible light offers long-range images. The
pan/tilt functionality allows the tracking of moving targets. EQUIPMENT

The A310 PT is able to detect hot spots and overheated equipment by measuring slight changes in surface temperature.

Integrated analysis of spot, area and temperature measurement
The robust IP66 environmental classification allows use in difficult environments. It
monitors subtle temperature differences in substations, transformers, waste depots and coal piles

LARGE AREA SURVEILLANCE FOR FIRE DETECTION Temperatures that exceed preset levels will trigger an alarm


Set various alarms on different temperature thresholds
Quickly alert operators of any equipment or area that needs immediate attention
MPEG-4 video streaming allows real-time imaging via Ethernet connections
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 61001-1102
Brand FLIR
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