2N 9157101-S IP Style Main unit secured

2N 9157101-S IP Style Main unit secured

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We’re proud of this one! Featuring a sleek 10’’ touch display and supercharged with the AXIS ARTPEC-7 processor, a full-HD camera and WaveKey technology - the 2N® IP Style is truly ground-breaking.

  • The camera of the future
  • Adaptive Face Zooming
  • Lightning-fast mobile access control

Features & Benefits

  • THE CAMERA OF THE FUTURE Crystal clear colour images (even in low light), the ability to handle multiple simultaneous full HD streams, a 5 MPx chip and WDR capable? Why choose another bluetooth intercom?
  • ADAPTIVE FACE ZOOMING Something very special: video intercoms can now automatically detect faces in the camera’s frame and will zoom in to give users a clearer image of who’s at the door!
  • LIGHTNING-FAST MOBILE ACCESS CONTROL Our WaveKey technology is so fast, blink and you’ll miss it! We should know, our developers tested it rigorously - they successfully opened a door 15,000 times using 100 different phones and in 98% of cases, the door was opened in less than 1 second.
  • FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION The 2N IP Style allows for bi-directional video: a truly future-proof feature that will only be standard in the years to come. It’s inclusive, too: it allows hearing-impaired visitors to communicate with the receptionist via sign language.
  • A PREMIUM, SELF-CLEANING 10’’ DISPLAY The IP Style is not only a joy to use thanks to the bright display, smooth animation, and quick touch response time – it also comes with a unique self-disinfecting coating that kills 99+ % of all viruses and bacteria as standard.
  • IP65 AND IK08 CERTIFIED DURABILITY More than just a pretty face – tough, too. The 2N® IP Style can easily resist heavy rain, a dusty environment, and even attacks by vandals.
  • A PLEASURE TO INSTALL You spoke, we listened. The patented tilt-out system that we developed along with our customers is great for installation: tilt the device out, and you have both hands free to work with cables
  • MULTIPLE ACCESS OPTIONS Every user has different needs. Choose the 2N® IP Style and let yours decide how they provide authentication at the door: whether it’s using a mobile phone, an RFID card, a PIN code or a QR code
  • SERIOUSLY GOOD LOOKING – WITH CUSTOMISABLE UI The 2N® IP Style can satisfy the needs of any project. Whether marble, brick, wood or metal - the IP Style looks great at any front door! Want to tailor user experience? Customise it by selecting from 2 different ways of displaying the intercom’s UI
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 9157101-S
Brand 2N
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