ABTECNO WI-314782 LAD 2 Compact Junction Box Model

ABTECNO WI-314782 LAD 2 Compact Junction Box Model

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The LAD 2 is inserted as a junction box directly on the door leaf. It has a stable and compact design. The supplied sealing gasket set enables a high type of protection of IP65. The terminal block has enough space for wiring optical safety edges, rope slack switches, wicket door contacts with spiral cable. Furthermore, the installation of a MODUL 2 board is possible.

The set consists of:

Line connection box with 5-pin spring-loaded plug-in terminal incl. M16 spiral fixing screw and screw set

• Compact model

• Shockproof plastic

• Embeddable MODUL 2 and 3 board

• IP65 protection type

Data Sheet
Codice Produttore WI-314782
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