ELMO LUPUSM2K LUPUS2K transmitter in brown box

ELMO LUPUSM2K LUPUS2K transmitter in brown box

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LUPUS2K transmitter in brown container LUPUSM2K

(formerly code LUPUSMTRX) is a bidirectional wireless perimeter transmitter of the NG-TRX series that is easy and immediate to install. It protects windows and doors in general, without the need for any passage of cables, integrating harmoniously with the environment thanks to its brown color and its compact and discreet dimensions.

LUPUSM2K is equipped with an on-board magnetic contact, 1 NC input for magnetic contacts, 1 NC input programmed by default for connection with sensors for shutters up to 8 meters, reprogrammable if necessary for a second input for magnetic contacts. Compared to the previous generation of LUPUS, LUPUSM2K is able to manage 3 different channels, freely combinable between on-board contact, the first external contact and the second external contact/shutter sensor.
The range of the connection with the NG-TRX control unit is 2 km. Finally, another aspect considerably elevates the technical profile of LUPUSM2K: the possibility of configuration via software, even from a remote PC via LAN/WAN, facilitating

installation and maintenance
Data Sheet
Codice a barre 8000002669559
Codice Produttore LUPUSM2K
Brand ELMO
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