GIBIDI EWSETND251 Battery gearmotor Ø 25 mm - 1.1 Nm

GIBIDI EWSETND251 Battery gearmotor Ø 25 mm - 1.1 Nm

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Battery gearmotor Ø 25 mm - 1.1 Nm

The RUNNER RE range of BIDIRECTIONAL RADIO ELECTRONIC motors is suitable for residential
and commercial use.

Available in 35-45-55 diameters and with powers ranging from 6 Nm to 120 Nm.

RUNNER RE can meet every specific need to motorize curtains and shutters. The integrated radio receiver allows the programming and management of the engine by means of a radio

The RUNNER RE-B range of motors is IDEAL FOR MOTORIZING INDOOR ROLLER BLINDS in both residential and commercial environments.

Available in 25-28-35 diameters and with powers ranging from 1.1 Nm to 3 Nm, RUNNER RE-B can meet every specific need.

The RUNNER RE-B motor is equipped with an internal battery and therefore does not require an electrical supply, it can be powered by a solar panel or a power supply.

• Easy installation and programming
• Adjusting the shutters directly from the remote control
• 433.92 Mhz internal receiver
• 3 intermediate shutters (RE), there are 5 for RE-B • Head with central hole Ø 12 mm for
mounting in the monoblock drawer (RE) •
2 m long connection cable •
For axles Ø 40, 43, 50, 56, 60, 70 and 78 mm (
Ø 43 shaft for RE-B) • Equipped with a push button output • Compatible with the entire range of radio remote controls and
FREE DOMUS home automation
• Compatible with the main home automation protocols and systems on the market
• Soft START and Soft STOP for RE-B
• About 1,600 maneuvers
with one charge per RE-B
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Codice Produttore EWSETND251
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