Inim | New version of the Inim Home app

5 Mar 2024

INIM Home 2.1
New Design for Limitless Experience
The new version of the Inim Home app offers a smoother experience, thanks to a more intuitive design and simplified command management. Inim Home 2.1 introduces a range of optimizations and new features to guide you through every section, function, and setting without limitations.


More Intuitive Design, Faster App
A new look designed to enhance readability and make commands immediately accessible, with execution speed like never before.

Easier Creation of Rooms, Groups, and Home Scenarios
Creating and modifying rooms, output groups, and home scenarios has never been quicker and more intuitive.

Simplified Thermostat Management
Now you can change the season of all thermostats with just one command.

New Password Recovery Feature
Users can now independently recover their password simply from the login page. The new version of Inim Home 2.1 makes home management smoother and more intuitive than ever.

Discover it here

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