The CIAS-INIM 4.0 integration through PRIME LAN is now a reality!

18 Sep 2023
Integrazione cias e inim

The CIAS-INIM 4.0 integration via IP is now a reality, available on all INIM PRIME 4.0 systems exclusively through the Prime LAN card in IP mode. This integration allows receiving alarms directly at the control panel from CIAS devices, eliminating the need to go through expansion modules. Simultaneously, remote management of CIAS devices is possible via the IP network


There will be 2 wiring options for CIAS digital devices:

  1. Prime LAN allows managing up to 8 different IP addresses in TCP mode and, if necessary, cascading up to 40 devices on the same IP in RS485 CIAS (maximum 320 CIAS devices in RS485 across 8 different IPs) via the IP-DOORWAY REMOTE converter.

  2. Prime LAN enables the management of up to 8 TCP/UDP converters (2 IP-DOORWAY REMOTE interconnected in RS485) and consequently handling up to 20 IP CIAS devices for each converter (maximum 160 IP CIAS devices)


In both cases, on the same network, it will be possible to connect the CIAS TUNER to configure all CIAS devices via LAN through the web server.
The advantage is clear! Anywhere there is an IP port, it will be possible to connect a CIAS sensor, even POE, without additional cables, just like an IP camera

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