Our new headquarters at the forefront of home automation and sustainability

23 Apr 2024
IMG nuova sede copia

We are excited to publish the first photos of our new headquarters, located in Via G.B Morgagni 26A, 37135 in Verona! This location represents our commitment to innovation, sustainability and comfort.
Our headquarters is at the forefront of home automation, offering intelligent solutions for a more comfortable and efficient working life. From lighting management, to access control, to air conditioning management for the VMC and to monitor the level of CO2 and TVOC.
Furthermore, we are proud to announce that our headquarters is equipped with an advanced rainwater collection system, which allows us to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to water saving
But that's not all: we also place a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability.
Every aspect of our headquarters has also been designed with eco-sustainable materials and advanced energy technologies, minimizing environmental impact and contributing to a greener future.
What makes our headquarters even more special is that for its creation we used exclusively the brands we distribute. This has allowed us to tangibly show the quality and reliability of the products we offer you.
Guarda il video completo: https://youtu.be/sihTNFdff1s


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