INIM: new battery for Sol control panels.

29 Nov 2023
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We inform you that the Sol control panels will be supplied with a new internal hardware configuration to accommodate a new battery. This intervention has become necessary to meet the numerous requests to increase the autonomy of the backup battery in the event of a primary network voltage interruption, and the adoption of this new battery fulfills this objective by doubling the autonomy.
Considerations and features (see attached images referring to the points below):

  • New battery 7.2V @4000mAh, pre-assembled on its plastic bracket.

This is a battery with twice the capacity compared to the previous one.

  • Battery anchoring bracket at the bottom.

  • New battery + bracket fastening. The plastic bracket fits into the hooks at the bottom of the control unit container.

  • New bar for additional modules.

As illustrated, there are now 2 connectors for additional modules (instead of the previous 3).

  • LAN

    • Connector for Sol/LAN module


    • Connector for Sol/PSTN module or for Sol/2G/3G/4G modules

Therefore, it will no longer be possible to have both the PSTN module and the GSM communicator module simultaneously. Configuration of previous Sol control units:
As illustrated, the Sol control units supplied so far had:

  • Bar with 3 additional modules

  • Battery on the left side

You can order both batteries as spare parts using the following codes, considering where they will be mounted:

  • BTNM072402W130500 - NiMH Battery 7.2V 4000mAh 135x51x17mm w/cable L=200mm + NTC for the new 7.2V @4000mAh battery

  • BTNM072222W150300 - NiMH Battery 7.2V 2200mAh 150x30x15mm w/cable L=170mm for the previously adopted battery.



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