Efficient Control of Fan Coil Units with KNX eTR 102 FC - Elsner

12 Dec 2023
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Trendy KNX button for innovative environmental climate control.

The KNX eTR 102 FC room temperature controller for fan coil air conditioning systems redefines room climate control. The thermostat with fan speed control is part of our eTR series and stands out for its modern and intuitive user interface, as it can be used with many heating and cooling systems via KNX

TECHNICAL FEATURES: What can the KNX eTR 102 FC do?

The KNX eTR 102 FC controls both the heating/cooling unit and the blower fan of fan coil systems. The KNX application provides comprehensive automatic control of room temperature for one or two-stage heating and cooling. This allows for easy integration of the fan coil system with underfloor heating or surface cooling, for example. You can choose between PI or 2-point control, thus having all the options for KNX HVAC control, including speed regulation for the fan coil.


The eTR series includes other switches and individual room controllers with coordinated designs that can be seamlessly integrated and harmoniously combined.


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