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10 Aug 2023
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KNX eTR MultiTouch Light/Sunblind
Light, sunshade, temperature: with KNX eTR MultiTouch Light/Sunblind, you control it all! The elegant glass button features an integrated thermometer, ensuring a cool and comfortable interior even when the sun is blazing outside

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Irrigation System with WLAN Operation
Jardana controls plant irrigation. The water flow is timed through four valves for four zones. Irrigation settings are configured using the Jardana app on a WLAN-enabled device. By installing optional Elsner TMi humidity sensors in the soil, the irrigation system can respond to rain if a soil moisture sensor is placed outside the irrigation zone, or react to soil moisture in individual zones if a zone-specific sensor is installed.

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Shade Control - Solexa 230V
The Solexa Shading Control is used to open and retract an awning or venetian blind based on the intensity of light and ambient temperature. External shading is automatically protected from rain, wind, and frost. These alarm functions can be individually deactivated. If the awning or sunshade has not been fully closed by the automatic system, custom shading positions can be set

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Weather Station with Cup Anemometer - Windancer KNX(-GPS)
The Windancer KNX(-GPS) weather station for the KNX building bus system measures temperature, wind speed, brightness, and detects precipitation. All values can be used to control limit-dependent switching outputs. The Windancer KNX-GPS model also receives GPS signals for time and location, calculating the exact position of the sun (azimuth and elevation). The integrated shade control enables intelligent sun protection control for up to eight facades

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