Discover the new home automation devices of the Prime system

21 Sep 2023
News Inim

The home automation peripherals • UM105H and • SenseTH100H, compatible with Prime 4.0, have been available since last July


New universal home automation module UM105H
UM105H is a home automation module that transforms traditional switches into intelligent home controls. It easily connects to the central BUS and provides 5 customizable terminals to manage lights, door openers, and other functions

  • Home automation module on BUS

  • Dimensions 54x40x15mm

  • Fits inside 503 boxes or junction boxes

  • Monitoring the status of electrical series switches

  • Activation of lights, door openers, automations, home automation, etc.

  • 5 IN/OUT terminals with pre-wired connector NC or NO balancing

  • Compatible only with Prime control panels starting from version 4.00


New temperature sensor on BUS SenseTH100H
SenseTH100/H is an ambient temperature sensor connectable via BUS to the control panel, allowing the regulation of the climate in each zone of the house. It does not require manual calibration and detects temperature changes within 10 seconds

  • Temperature sensor on BUS

  • Application range: from -10°C to +40°C

  • Accuracy: ±0.5°C

  • Temperature change reactivity: approximately 10 sec

  • Programmable hysteresis

  • Front button for ENROLL

  • Very low power consumption

  • RJ45 connection

  • Black or white

  • Compatible only with Prime control panels starting from version 4.00

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