New version Prime 4.0

20 Jul 2023
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We introduce you to the new Prime 4.0 version: a transformation that takes your security systems to the next level.

Version 4.00 is the result of innovation and development to offer new features that make the Prime system even more competitive and intelligent. Join the webinar on July 19th at 6:00 PM to discover all the potential.

The new version 4.00 of the Prime control panels offers numerous new features


Data transfer from SmartLiving to Prime is simple and immediate.
In just a few minutes, you can replace a SmartLiving control panel with a Prime control panel without having to change the installed peripherals or detectors.
The system will be perfectly 'cloned' and ready to be enhanced with the most advanced features and connectivity of Prime


Home Automation: two new devices for a smart and adaptable system

• The universal module UM105H allows you to transform traditional switches from electrical series into home automation commands to manage lights, door openers, and other customizable functions.

• The temperature sensor on BUS SenseTH100H is compatible with all RJ45 adapters from the electrical series of major manufacturers, offering convenience and flexibility.


HTTP/HTTPS API integration for a smarter and safer home
HTTP/HTTPS API integration allows interfacing the security system with other platforms or devices managed over IP, thus leveraging the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a home that uses technology to be smarter and safer.

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