8 Nov 2023
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Conventional Control Panel for Fire and Gas Detection, and Extinguishing Systems

The Previdia Micro fire control panels offer a revolutionary approach to conventional fire and gas detection systems. Previdia Micro combines the advanced features of the Previdia series while maintaining the simplicity and convenience of conventional solutions. These panels can be enhanced with additional cards and have the capability to connect to the HORNET+ network with other addressed analog panels within the same range. This functionality also enables system management through the Inim Fire app, providing video verification services and notifications.

Previdia Micro panels manage:

  • 4 detection zones (fire or gas with relays or 4-20mA)

  • 4 T function terminals (fire detection, gas detection, function input, or low-power output)

  • 3 I/O terminals (fire detection, high-power input, or output).


  • Color LCD display with touchscreen

  • Location identification of alerts through graphical maps

  • Video verification via ONVIF IP cameras

  • Connection to the Hornet+ Network with analog panels of the same series

  • Connection to Inim Cloud Fire

  • Management of an extinguishing channel

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