8 reasons to equip yourself with a control touch screen

31 Jul 2023

1. Speed and convenience: In today's hectic pace of life, having a home automation screen provides centralized control of the entire smart home and allows for remote management.

2. Reliable Connection: Concerns about Wi-Fi connection are now a thing of the past. Touchscreens based on the KNX protocol are wired, ensuring a stable connection with no coverage issues


3. Easy home control: The real crown jewel lies in the numerous possibilities offered by the home automation system: control of blinds, lighting, heating, presence simulation for security, temperature regulation, video intercom system, and media control such as audio.

4. Adjustable sizes: The size of the control screen will depend on the installation location.

5. Technology adapted to everyone's life: Just as one uses a computer or tablet to browse the Internet, home automation is a new technological tool, increasingly widespread and integrated into our living spaces, making them simpler and more convenient.

6. Ease of use: The touch control screen is the pulsating heart of the entire home automation system.


7. Wall-mounted for constant control: Instead of opting for a portable screen, it is advisable to choose a fixed wall-mounted touch screen.

8. All in one: With a home control screen, the consumption of other devices will be reduced, as all activities can be performed through a single touch screen


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