Nice News: new Smart Home devices, for an increasingly connected home!

12 Feb 2024



Yubii Home Pro is connected and integrated, with support for Z-Wave plus devices, Zigbee 3.0 devices, Nice unidirectional and bidirectional devices, and Elero PLN2 devices. With plugins and quick apps, you can easily expand and enhance its performance, all within one product.

• Support for up to 230 devices
• Powerful and high-performing
• Unlimited scenarios
• Unlimited cameras
• Primary and secondary modes
• Unlimited support for plugins and quick apps
• Compatible with voice assistants, smartwatches, and car infotainment systems
• Protocols: Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus, WiFi, Nice Radio, Elero PLN2, Zigbee
• Ethernet cable



1. Clima-Control
Clima-Control is designed to manage split air conditioners via infrared, by receiving Z-Wave commands and converting them into infrared commands. Its intuitive display allows users to read and adjust the temperature of each room with simple button controls, enabling smart home management with ease and peace of mind. It can be used with split air conditioners from any brand: simply configure it with the chosen air conditioner's app.

2. Warm-Control


To control water heating valves (on/off), it detects room temperature and adjusts the operation of the water heating valve based on preferred time and temperature settings.

3. Fan-Control


Device enabled with Z-Wave (Series 700), capable of measuring and managing the internal temperature of three-speed fan heaters. It automatically adjusts the fan speed based on temperature differences, programmed heating schedules, or manual input.

New module for controlling an on-off device.


SingleSmart-Control & DoubleSmart-Control
The new module for controlling an on-off circuit or two on-off circuits.


Telecamere IP e videoregistratori
IP cameras for indoor and outdoor use, network video recorders, and various accessories will support new activities and add value to existing installations.


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