ELMO AT22K NG-TRX 2-output radio actuator
ELMO AT22K NG-TRX 2-output radio actuator

ELMO AT22K NG-TRX 2-output radio actuator

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NG-TRX 2-output radio actuator. Particularly suitable for interfacing NG-TRX control units with automation systems for the control of motorized shutters


AT22K is an NG-TRX radio actuator that repeats the state of 2 outputs of the control unit to which it is connected. In detail, using NG-TRX radio communication, it allows you to control and activate electric/electronic home automation elements such as shutters but also lights and irrigation that are associated with a compatible EL.MO. anti-intrusion control unit. It is equipped with two 5 A/250 Vac/30 Vdc relay outputs that can be controlled independently and input wires (total two inputs) that allow each one to control a specific output, even locally. The strength of AT22K is its versatility, as the outputs of the control panel can be activated directly from the keyboard, the e-Connect app or from voice commands to Google and Amazon's virtual assistants. It is configurable through the BrowserOne software. It is compatible with devices that use the NG-TRX protocol, such as VIDOMO2K, VICOMPACT2K and GATEWAY2K and is equipped with a plastic container that can be placed in a

built-in box (occupying 1 fruit).
Data Sheet
Codice a barre 8000002666879
Codice Produttore AT22K
Brand ELMO
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