THEBEN 3120131  OKTO ES12-UC


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Function Description

  • Electronic step relay with 1 channel/contact (make contact)
  • Potential-free multi-voltage input (8V to 230V) You can conveniently adjust the lighting of a common consumer with multiple buttons
  • Particularly quiet operation of the remote switch High glow lamp load up to 100 mA
  • Automatic recognition of 3/4 wires of the pulse switch
  • Potential-free with safety low voltage (SELV)
  • Protects the lamp thanks to the zero crossing circuit, which guarantees high LED switching power (600 W)
  • Stand-by consumption of the stepper relay of only 0.3 W
  • OKTO ES12-UC is an electronic step-by-step relay with a make contact and a potential-free multivoltage input (8 V to 230 V). It is ideal for easily controlling the lighting of stairwells in condominiums, functional and commercial buildings, common areas and private living areas. Like all OKTO electronic stepper relays, operation is particularly silent. The step-by-step relay can be integrated into existing and new installations thanks to automatic 3 or 4 wire sensing. Mounting is done quickly on the DIN profile (top hat rail). OKTO step relays have a zero-crossing circuit for optimal switching of the LEDs. Thus the relay contact is protected and the life of the lighting medium is extended. This allows LED switching powers of up to 600 W to be achieved. Standby consumption is only 0.3 W and ensures energy-efficient operation.
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 3120131
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