KERT KEDC6025 Redundant PWS MDL 40-60Vdc 25A

KERT KEDC6025 Redundant PWS MDL 40-60Vdc 25A

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PWS MDL redundant module 40-60Vdc 25A

KEDC redundant modules are used in power systems where security must be high. A redundancy module is a device for decoupling two or more power supplies, to guarantee continuous power to critical systems and prevents the failure of one of the two power supplies from causing the power system to freeze. The single power supply used is sized so that it can power all the connected equipment, in normal operation the 2 power supplies will divide the load. In the event of a failure of one of the two power supplies, the working one will take all the load without interrupting the power supply to the connected equipment, excluding the faulty one. The LEDs present and the contacts will signal the current anomaly.

Main Features -Continuous service -Small size -Low input/output loss -Zero intervention time -Aluminum and steel enclosure -IP20 degree of protection -3 front diagnostic LEDs -3 Clean contacts reporting anomalies

Data Sheet
Codice a barre 8000002598019
Codice Produttore KEDC6025
Brand KERT
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