THEBEN 4930228  RME 4 U KNX

THEBEN 4930228 RME 4 U KNX

MT Code
Manufacturer Code
Satel open day

Function Description

  • 4-channel switching actuator MIX2
  • MIX2 expansion module
  • For expansion up to 12 channels
  • Up to 2 MIX or MIX2 expansion modules can be connected to a basic module
  • Luminaire and KNX bus module can be replaced independently
  • Removable KNX bus module that allows the replacement of devices without reprogramming
  • Manual commissioning and use of the switching actuators are also possible without a KNX bus module
  • Switching status indication with LED for each channel
  • Manual control on the device (even without bus voltage)
  • Adjustable properties: e.g. switching, delayed switching, pulse function
  • Connections, type of contact (opening/closing) and participation in central commands such as permanent ON, permanent OFF, centralized arming and scene storage/recall
  • Switching functions: e.g. ON/OFF, pulse, ON/OFF delay, staircase lights with warning
  • Logical links: e.g. locking, AND, unlocking, OR
Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 4930228
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