ABTECNO WI-320985 Security Curtain For Rapid Doors Witt Ligi 07 - A54 Wi-320985

ABTECNO WI-320985 Security Curtain For Rapid Doors Witt Ligi 07 - A54 Wi-320985

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• Slim design

• Long reach

• Integrated electronics

• Suitable for car wash systems

As usual with Witt products, the new LIGI 07 was designed ad-hoc for operation in difficult conditions typical of industrial doors. The super compact and integrated design measures just 12x15mm offering perfect protection against humidity and vibrations typical of automatic door installations. The LIGI 07 sets new standards for the future thanks to cutting-edge electronics and intelligent firmware. It is compatible with all standard automation control units and can therefore be universally applied to almost all existing systems.

Technical information

• For doors up to 10m wide

• Can be installed in line with the closing movement thanks to the BLANKING function

• Extremely robust, all elements are integrated within a single metal body

• Prepared with front holes for direct mounting

• IP67

• Suitable for car wash systems

• Available with OSE or solid state relay output

• Electronic self-alignment

• Integrated diagnostics

• Strongly resistant to external optical interference

• Can be contained in a compact housing measuring just 12x15mm

The LIGI 07 can ONLY be installed on rapid doors

All LIGI 07 are equipped with a 6-pole plug and two cables of 5 and 15 m.

Number of spokes: 54

SF: 2430

GH: 2555

Exit: SSR

Data Sheet
Codice Produttore WI-320985
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