THEBEN 1700087 SELEKTA 170 top3 E

THEBEN 1700087 SELEKTA 170 top3 E

MT Code
Manufacturer Code
extra sconto di benvenuto

Job description

- Astro timer with weekly program

- 1 channel

- 56 memory locations

- App programming

- Secure transfer with Bluetooth Low Energy OBELISK top3

- High tamper protection, time switch programs can only be used

be transferred to the device when the dongle is in the clock

is plugged in, no programs can be run without a dongle


- 100% compatible with top2

- Astronomical switching function (automatic calculation of the

sunrise and sunset times for the whole year)

- Offset for adjusting the sunrise and sunset times

- Position data via coordinates or country/city list programmable

- Fixed ON/OFF circuits programmable (e.g.

night break)

- Simulation of switching times (calculated astro times and

programmed ON/OFF switches)

- Astro mode reversible (ON in the evening - OFF in the morning or in the evening

OFF - ON in the morning) or can be deactivated

- DuoFix spring-loaded plug-in clamps

- For 2 conductors each

- Wire or litz wire (with or without ferrule)

- Wire diameter: 0.5 - 2.5 mm²

- Control button for disconnecting the plug connection

- Text-based programming on the display

- Date and time preset

- Fully operable without mains connection

- Interface for OBELISK top2 memory stick (PC programming)

- 2. pluggable circuit program

- Copying programs

- Program backup

- 10 years power reserve (lithium battery)

- Zero-cross switching for relay-saving switching and high

lamp load (not for 24 V devices)

- Calculated astro switching times

- Programmable ON/OFF switching times

- Switch preselection

- Switching continuously ON/OFF

- Integrated operating hours counter

- Reset option

- Service function for monitoring maintenance intervals

- Holiday program

Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 1700087
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