ABTECNO WI-316978 SPIRAL CABLE SPK 6X0.25 MM² 900/4000/350

ABTECNO WI-316978 SPIRAL CABLE SPK 6X0.25 MM² 900/4000/350

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The spiral cables, produced with high industrial quality and tested to 100,000 cycles guaranteed, are suitable for heavy-duty applications. High counteracting forces and extension lengths ensure long service life. The extension factor is four times the clamping length (BL).

Thanks to a special sheath compound, the spiral cables are resistant to microbes, hydrolysis and almost all mineral oils. Furthermore, the spiral cables are UV stable and halogen-free.

The material is PUR/PUR black, the color of the threads complies with DIN 47100:

3-wire = brown, white, green

4-wire = brown, white, green, yellow

5-wire = brown, white, green, yellow, grey

6-strand = brown, white, green, yellow, grey, pink

Variable cable terminations (see table), of which 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 or 200 mm without sheath and equipped with cable lugs (AEH)

Data Sheet
Codice Produttore WI-316978
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