THEBEN 2010341 thePassa P360-221 DALI UP GR RILEVATORE 30m CORSIE

THEBEN 2010341 thePassa P360-221 DALI UP GR RILEVATORE 30m CORSIE

MT Code
Manufacturer Code
extra sconto di benvenuto

Description of operation

- Passive infrared presence detector for ceiling mounting,

DALI-2 certified

- Rectangular detection range for corridors and aisles


- Detection range with 2 connectable detection zones and

individually disconnected, each 15 x 5 m (total 30 x 5 m)

- Limitation of the detection range with cover clips

- Automatic lighting control with constant light adjustment

or switching operation

- Adjustable lighting in with and without switching operation

daylight influence

- Orientation light (stand-by functionality)

- 2 directed light measurements

- Up to 2 addressable DALI-2 light channels or 1 DALI-2 Broadcast channel

- DALI-2 technology according to IEC 62386 Parts 101 and 103

- Simple and intuitive configuration of DALI groups using or keys

remote control

- Measurement in mixed light suitable for fluorescent lamps (FL/PL/ESL),

halogen, incandescent and LED lamps

- Adjustment of brightness measurement

- Simple integration of an external DALI relay from an additional group,

for example for possible HVAC applications

- Operation switchable between fully automatic or


- Default brightness value in lux settable

- Teach-in function via remote control or button

- Self-learning queuing time

- Reduction of queuing time in case of short presence (presence a

short time)

- Adjustable detection sensitivity

- Connection solutions for buttons for regulation and switching


- Connection solution for up to 2 conventional buttons

- Behavior after command keys of your choice

- Scene functionality

- Immediately ready for use thanks to the pre-setting of


- Easily set the energy saving option with the

"eco plus" function

- Test mode for checking the function and detection range

- Expansion of the detection range via master/

slave or master/master

- Protection type IP 54 mounted

Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 2010341
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