THEBEN 2070605 THEPREMA S360-101 E UP WH

THEBEN 2070605 THEPREMA S360-101 E UP WH

MT Code
Manufacturer Code
extra sconto di benvenuto

Function Description

Passive infrared presence detector for ceiling mounting

360° square detection range (up to 64 m2) for simple and safe planning

Automatic control based on presence and brightness for lighting and HVAC

Mixed light measurement suitable for fluorescent lamps (FL/PL/ESL), halogen and incandescent lamps and LEDs

Light measurement switchable to spot or wide measurement

Channel A light: external relay, 230V

Operation switchable between fully automatic or semi-automatic

Adjustable brightness switching value, teach-in function

Self-learning queuing time

Reduction of queuing time in case of short presence (Presence for a short period)

Connection solutions for buttons or switches for manual switching with automatic button/switch recognition

Pulse function for staircase light timer

Channel H, presence: relay, potential-free

e.g. for RCV command

Ability to set insertion delay and queue time

Local surveillance with selective motion detection

Immediately ready for operation thanks to factory presetting

Easier setting of the energy saving option with the new «eco plus» function

Test mode for checking the function and detection range

Expansion of the detection range thanks to the master-slave and master-master connection, a maximum of 10 detectors can be connected in parallel

Flexible relay operating modes

Ceiling mounting in recessed box

Ceiling mounting possible with visible frame

theSenda S user remote control, SendoPro management remote control (optional)

Data Sheet
Codice Produttore 2070605
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