GIBIDI MTQ4-26995 MTQ4-26995 4-channel portable transmitter

GIBIDI MTQ4-26995 MTQ4-26995 4-channel portable transmitter

MT Code
Manufacturer Code
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26,995 MHz 4-channel DIP switch

The portable transmitter works in AM technology with 1024 coding possibilities. Personal coding can be set freely by the user with a 10-pin coding switch. The operating range of the transmitter is about 35 m and can also be used by a car. In case of adverse weather conditions, such as rain or snow, the range of the transmitter may be reduced. Even steel, concrete, walls, or trees can limit the transmission range of a radio transmitter or garage door opener

Note that, despite the same frequency, type of encoding and appearance, a radio control can have completely different technical properties. This depends on the manufacturer and model. In our store, of course, we recommend compatible and tested manual transmitters and alternatives.

Technical data:

Model: DTR2644, MTQ4-26995 Frequency: 26.995
MHz Channels:
4 Coding:
10 Battery:
LR23 12 Volt Housing color:
Key color: blue
75 x 40 x 15 mm Programming help:
Scope of delivery
: 1x
portable transmitter 1 battery 1x operating instructions

Data Sheet
Codice Produttore MTQ4-26995
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