CASE HISTORY | A Success of Recovery and Innovation in the Home Automation World

4 Jan 2024
Case History - tecno3 copia

Case History: today, we want to talk about a case that demonstrates the level of integration possible within the KNX world. One of the stories we want to share involves a client who faced an issue with their overall system.

The client had installed a Gewiss KNX system, but the main panel was damaged due to weather conditions. Our technical support stepped in, working alongside the installer to address the problem.

Instead of opting for a complete reconstruction, we proposed the installation of Zennio products, leveraging the flexibility of the KNX system that allows integration with a wide range of devices, even from different manufacturers.

The benefits of this intervention were manifold:

  1. Sustainability: We adopted a sustainable approach, avoiding material waste. Instead of discarding the entire system, we replaced only the necessary parts that we already had available.

  2. Integration: As the KNX system is an open protocol, we seamlessly integrated Zennio products. They communicated effectively with the existing Gewiss products, some of which were over a decade old and no longer in production.

  3. Cost-effectiveness: This intervention was not only sustainable but also cost-effective. There was no need to redo the entire system, reducing costs and optimizing efficiency.

Look here for the products that were used for this Case History:

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