ELMO AT42K NG-TRX 4-output radio actuator
ELMO AT42K NG-TRX 4-output radio actuator

ELMO AT42K NG-TRX 4-output radio actuator

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NG-TRX 4-output radio actuator AT42K is an NG-TRX radio actuator that repeats the state of 4 outputs

of the control unit to which it is connected. In detail, using NG-TRX radio communication, it allows you to control and activate electric/electronic home automation elements such as lights, shutters, irrigation and shutters that are associated with a compatible EL.MO. anti-intrusion control unit. It is equipped with 1 16 A power relay and 3 6 A relays. The strength of AT42K is its versatility, as the control unit's outputs can be activated directly from the keyboard, the e-Connect app or from voice commands to Google and Amazon's virtual assistants. It is configurable through the BrowserOne software. On the board there are LED indicators that indicate the status of the outputs, the correct power supply and the programming status. A tamper clamp allows you to connect any protections against opening the box and its removal from the mounting surface. AT42K is compatible with devices that use the NG-TRX protocol, such as VIDOMO2K, VICOMACT2K and GATEWAY2K and is inserted in a small plastic container with a degree of IP65 protection

Data Sheet
Codice a barre 8000002666886
Codice Produttore AT42K
Brand ELMO
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